The need for an impact-driven, operations-specific incident database, focusing specifically on (process) control systems, including embedded devices that are not classified as ‘traditional’ control systems, has been discussed for several decades.

Several incident databases identify only network-driven systems with questionable controlling features or functions over physical objects. Their classification is often objectified as ‘operational technology’ (or ‘OT’); alternatively, European and non-US based organizations may refer to the term ‘cyber-physical systems’, often having similar properties and functions to that of ‘OT’.

However, this database encompasses many device types (including ‘OT’); however, it was primarily developed with process control systems in mind, network-impacted - or not.

This website also provides clarification for terms and definitions used throughout this site. Some of these terms or definitions may have already been objectified within the SCADA / control systems community; yet, their explanation throughout the database are meant to clarify SCIDMARK's terms and definitions which we feel is a (significantly) better use of those terms and definitions. In other words, we feel that their use, as demonstrated throughout this database, is far better and more accurate that what is presently available elsewhere (including many standards and regulatory organizations, such as NIST, IEC, USNRC, and USDHS).

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